WARRtering Hole

We are pleased to announce 2 Watering holes for this year.
Both Bar Heffer and Sports bar Heffer, which is located next to Bar Heffer, are happy to welcome all WARR-iors for food and drinks.
Bar Heffer is situated in a neo classical monumental building (1637) what used to be the Former City Tax House. In this building, located next to the Damrak Canal, traders had to pay taxes for their ship's stores of beer, grain, wine, peat, coal and spices.
Nowadays several bars are located in Bar Heffer, including a traditional old Dutch bar and a tasting room. Several local and special beers are served and the cuisine is international.
Since these bars are located just steps away from the race packet pick up location, it is very easy and convenient to meet up here with all your WARR-ior friends. Also Bar Heffer is an ideal place to start or end your walk through the historic center or to do some shopping.
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