Team Captain’s Meeting

Friday, September 6th

KLM Head Office. 

Please advise by email ( 1 or 2 representatives that will be attending the Team Captain's Meeting.
Please email full name, email, phone number and airline by August 16th.

Max 2 persons per airline. (no exceptions)

Bring a passport. No passport or legal EU ID -->  no entrance .  

(Driving license is only allowed for NL citizens.)

The agenda will be emailed August 19th with all the details.

This information session will brief the Team Captains on the race course and the International WARR Committee (IWC) will provide a financial update and discuss upcoming destinations for WARR. Only Team Captains registered as representatives to the airline may attend. Please see list of registered Team Captains under: About WARR/Participating Airlines. Notification to the Chairman is required if you plan to attend on behalf of your Team Captain, or if you are taking over the responsibility of Team Captain for your airline. Due to space limitations, two members of each airline may attend.  Agendas will be emailed to each Team Captain two weeks prior to the meeting. If you have items you would like to add to the agenda, please contact the Chairman prior to the release of the agenda.

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