Meet & Greet

Thursday, Sept. 5th at 1800

Children will not be allowed at the Heineken Experience.
Tokens can be bought by cash, Cirrus, Maestro, Visa, Mastercard and American Express. They can be used at both M&G and T-shirt swap party and CANNOT be returned! The price of 1 coin will be €2,50.
Non Alcoholic Beer and softdrink will cost 1 coin.
A glass of wine will cost 1.5 coins.
Food (brioche beef burger/take mie away (vegetarian) available at 3 coins.
Bier en frisdrank € 2,50 (is 1 muntje)
Wijn €3,75 (is 1,5 muntje)

We are very happy that Heineken wants to be a sponsor of WARR by offering us room in their fantastic factory building just around the corner from the Albert Cuypmarket.

In 1868, Gerard Heineken built his very own brewery on the outskirts of the city. Nowadays, the historic building is open for guests from all around the world – but above all that, these are the rooms where we will “brew” the perfect WARR Meet & Greet and T-Shirt Swap Party.

The top floor or “Het Koelschip” was used to cool the hot wort before adding the yeast – simply by opening the many windows. Nowadays, this is the room with the best Amsterdam view.
Before barley is added to water (the first step in the brewing process) it has to be malted. The Molenzolder was where the malt mill was located.

You can learn about Heineken's® heritage, brewing process, innovations, sponsorships and what it takes to serve a star in a 1.5 hour self-guided tour. At the end of the tour you can, of course, enjoy two Heinekens.Tickets for the wonderful tour through the building can be bought online. Tickets are without a specific date or time slot, in this way a visit can be fit in your plans easily.

Heineken Experience - hours for public tours:
Monday till Thursday 10:30am - 7:30pm with the last person admitted at 5:30pm. Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10:30am - 9:00pm with the last person admitted at 7pm.


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